How do I report a missing cat?

When you sign up to our free service, you register your cat's details and photos, creating a virtual "missing poster" for your cat. Then, in the unfortunate event that your cat goes missing, you can instantly share a missing poster with CatLost members in your local area, saving precious time. You also have the option to print out your missing poster for display around the town.

Who looks for my missing cat?

Both the CatLost and DogLost community members will be notified by email and/or app alert when a cat is reported as stolen or missing in their local area. This collective community currently has over 120,000 members across the UK. The local community members will be able to see details and photos of the cat, keeping their eyes peeled for it.

What happens if my cat is spotted?

Sightings can be reported via Google Maps tools, allowing owners to track their cat's potential whereabouts and find it more easily. If a cat is repeatedly spotted in one area, it increases your chances of finding them.

What happens if someone finds my cat?

If a cat is found by someone who isn't the owner, the finder can retrieve the owner's details from the email or app and reunite them with their friend. If it's difficult to retrieve the owner's details, they can put out a "found cat" post on the CatLost site.

Is this free?

Our basic CatLost package is free, although our premium service costs £12.99 per year. The premium service comes with additional features which can help you to find and report found/lost cats.

What is the "rainbow bridge"?

When a cat crosses the rainbow bridge, it has passed on to the next life. They're all having a great time scratching sofas in kitty heaven.

Can I report a lost dog?

You can report lost and stolen dogs on our sister site, Doglost.co.uk. Both CatLost and DogLost community members will be notified when a dog or cat goes missing in their local area. This means that even more people are looking for your dog or cat!

Can I share my "missing poster" on social media?

Yes! We encourage you to use all the platforms you can in order to find your pet. You can notify fellow CatLost and DogLost users, share your digital missing poster on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and you can even print out a paper version of your missing poster and place it in prominent locations around the local town. It will also be automatically shared with both CatLost's and DogLost's Social Media.

Is there an app?

Yes, there is! In addition to our CatLost website, you can download the CatLost app which features all the same functions in a mobile-friendly layout for both Android and iOS devices. This makes it easy to track lost cats on the go and mark sighting locations with geolocation pins on Google Maps. This way, it is even easier for owners to track their cat's whereabouts accurately.

Will I receive emails and alerts for cats that are not nearby?

No, it is designed to only send out alerts to other members in the immediate vicinity of a 2 mile radius of the owners location. This means you receive alerts pertinent to your area only. In our experience the vast majority of cats are found within this radius.